On Friday, February 3rd I visited the University of Florida's Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art with Felipe, a friend of mine. The museum exposes a huge variety of arts, including sculptures, paintings and drawings. The museum definitely inspired and extended our concept of art.

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

Design of the Museum - The "David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing" exhibit was visually appealing in my point of view. Decorated with woods and glasses, and having a garden on the background, this exhibit has the best design of the museum in my opinion. The glasses allow the light to enter the room, while the woods mix with the trees on the back. This wing made me feel like I was inside a Buddhist temple in Asia.


Art and Core Values - one of the artworks that appealed to a core value was the one below. Despite the colorful custom, the face of the sculpture evoked fear in my friends and I. The paradox between the happiness of the colorful custom and the horror on the face allowed us to connect the artwork with the real life, in which some things/people can be bad and good on the same time.


This piece was particularly appealing to me, since the artist is from my home country, Brazil, and I was extremely proud of seeing a Brazilian artist being recognized in the USA. The conception of good life varies from person to person, therefore, any artwork in the museum could convey the good life. In my opinion, the picture above evokes perfectly the theme, since it illustrates two indigenous persons on a mountain top with their arms open as if they are embracing the world they live in, giving it all the love they have. I also interpret it as a peaceful place altogether, which could be their escape or as we discussed, their walden. Moreover, the idea of a good life stated by Thoreau of isolation can be sensed in this place.


All images are my own

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