Adobe Sales Pitch Make Experience Your Business

This initiative is designed to help you consistently articulate your unique value to our enterprise customers. The message goes a click deeper than our corporate presentation and speaks directly to the needs of our enterprise customers to demonstrate why Adobe is the best partner for them. Your messaging needs to outline our core differentiation throughout Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Experience Cloud. Developing yourselves to position the end to end value proposition and benefits of the integrated suite.

The Format

We will be asking you 3 questions to which you will have a total of 10 minutes to answer but no longer than 4 minutes on each question. There is to be NO use of powerpoint during this pitch, the powerpoint slides are only to be used for research and notes. Your responses will guide you on how best to articulate who Adobe is and why we are the best company to help your customers design and deliver exceptional experiences.

The Digital Platform
The Digital Platform of choice
Presentation delivered remotely. Hirevue coach provides digital coaching and structured practice for customer facing teams.
  • Within this tool, you will make a recording of your sales pitch, giving you the flexibility of recording at a time which is convenient. You can record yourself multiple times until you are happy with the pitch before hitting submit.
  • Your recording is submitted to your manager and 2 panel members for review and coaching.
  • Feedback and coaching will be provided directly into the tool for you to review and further development areas where needed. A great reuse of this outcome would be to refresh your mind by watching a playback of your presentation before your next executive meeting.
  • There is to be NO use of powerpoint during this pitch, the powerpoint slides are only to be used for research and notes.
So.... Let's Hear it! It is Time for us to see it!
Your Pitch in Hirevue coach

Your pitch is segmented into 3 categories:

  1. Disruption/Need to transform - Talk us through the digital disruption and the experience business wave, we would also like to hear about what an experience customer looks like.
  2. Become an Experience Business - Talk us through what it takes to become one and the 4 imperatives.
  3. How can Adobe help – Talk us through Adobes proposition, solutions and differentiation.
By having a consistent brand and story we are differentiating ourselves and can peak interest among the stakeholders, it provides them with "why should they listen to the rest of what we have to say".
What to expect
  • Personalized invitations will be sent out to all nominated delegates with links to access the platform.
  • You will have 10 minutes in total to answer all 3 questions and no more than 4 minutes on each specific question, it will be up to you on how to use the 10 minutes.
  • As you take advantage of this activity it is important that you incorporate your particular area of focus, audience and personal style into the responses.
  • Remember there is to be NO use of powerpoint during this pitch, this is you demonstrating your knowledge and confidence with delivering the Adobe Story.
Feedback and conclusion

You will receive an email with a link to your feedback. The panel will be reviewing your responses and uploading them into the Hirevue Coach tool with some key factors in mind:

  • 1. Presentation Skills
  • 2. Does the content address the question?
  • 3. Relevance to Industry/Use Cases/Customers

You need to achieve a pass rate of 80% (12/15), your pitch will need to be repeated if you do not achieve this, the supporting feedback will assist you with achieving the pass rate on the follow up attempt.

Resources to leverage

Everyone invited will receive a token gift bag - you will receive an email when it is ready for collection from your local office.

This is a competition!

It's time to get Competitive - The top 5 videos/presentations will receive prizes selected by your Regional Leaders. The top presentations will be made available for all to leverage in our best case library of sales pitches which will be shared out. Garrett Ilg will be reviewing a random selection of presentations across the regions.

The selection of prizes will be announced in the coming weeks!!!

Program Contacts:
"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." (Benjamin Franklin)


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