Dan Russell collage By Jack lieuallen

Top left Dan winning a match for portland state. Top right Dan teaching at a wrestling camp. 2nd row on the left Dan in his Olympic jacket . 2nd row of to the left Dan talking in front of a big crowd telling people about his journey. 3rd row on the left Dan at a world wide wrestling tournament. 3rd row in the middle a entrance to portland state university where Dan went to college.3rd row on the right Dan selling and signing books.4th row on the left dan getting his hand raised after a speech.4th row on the top a picture of the olympic sign because his dream was going to and winning the olympics.4th row on the bottom Dan and a famous boxer/movie actor taking a picture together.5th row Dan and his family on a staircase in their home.5th row on the right dan's brother Joe coaching at the University of Missouri. 6th row on the left a pair of wrestling shoes for how much he loved wrestling.in the middle coach Sprague who coached him from 7 up through high school.on the right a picture of foster care because there family had always had kids from foster care living with them.

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