The Vietnam War By: Kyler Evert

Feelings and Beliefs- Still to this day, the Vietnam War has been a controversial war. Many believe that the United States should not have sent troops over to Vietnam. This was the first war that the American people did not fully support and the draft ripped families apart and left families broken.

Tactics- This was the first war since the revolutionary war where the United States used guerrilla tactics and had guerrilla tactics used against them. There were many casualties due to the style of this war. In the Vietnam war, most of the battles took place in the forrest, so surprise attacks and booby traps were common. All of the Vietnamese people look the same, so the american troops could not trust any of the people.

Homefront- Because all of the men are taken to war through the draft, women had to run the country. During the war there was many protests because many citizens didn't want to send their sons to a war that America really wasn't apart of. Thousands of american's sons died and protests still happen today. also vietnam vets were treated awful when they returned, many of them went homeless and became unemployed.

Music- Music greatly impacted the Vietnam war because many bands and artists used the war as inspiration for their music. Also there are famous songs that protesters would sing at riots. The famous song "war what is it good for" was written during this era to publicly protest that the United States should have stayed out of this international conflict. “The Times They Are A Changin’" is another song that voices the opinion of the people that this war is inappropriate.

Propaganda- Propaganda was used and is still used today, it is a means by which the government tries to make you feel a certain way about a specific current event or conflict. Uncle Sam is the most well known american icon that represents propaganda. During the Vietnam war, the government wanted to push the fact that Americans should get involved, but the people resisted.

Protests- As shown in the famous movie, Forrest Gump, Anti war protests started a few months after the war began. The protests began in colleges then went to the streets, people were protesting about how the war was being conducted. The protests continued throughout the whole war. Even after the war, the soldiers were treated terrible from everyone, and some of the went homeless.

Media- Media had major impacts on the Vietnam, This was the first war that was publicly televised for all of the country to see. This was called the "dinner table war" because families would literally watch live what was happening in vietnam. This coverage added awareness and increased the anti-war protests.

Economics- Wars are expensive, the Vietnam war cost the United States $173 billion dollars in 1950 but in current value the war cost over $800 billion dollars. The protesters were furious because the cost of war also had an impact on the agricultural industry as well as the economy. When the young men of America were drafted the women had to take over.

Foreign Policy- This whole conflict was extremely hard for the United States military and their foreign relations. North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese look the same, so the military did not know who they could trust. they suspected everyone. Also the UN decided to join the fight but the United States supplied 90% of all the troops and supplies. no one else would greatly impact this war.

The Draft

every 18 year old legal american citizen have to register when a male turns 18. There are a few ways to miss the draft, these include: being a women, being disabled, or if a young man is in college he does not have to go into the draft.

Family Roles- During the vietnam war, each family member had an important part to contribute to the country and each other. Fathers would either would go fight or stay and support their family back at home. Daughters would run the country just like during WWII. And the sons would go fight on the front lines.

Re-integration- when the vietnam vets returned home, they were almost treated as criminals. Most of them went to go on unemployed and homeless. In addition, some vets gained ptsd and still suffer today.

Purpose- The whole purpose of this war was to save the Southern Vietnamese people from north Vietnam when they invaded the north and tried to control that part., The United States came and aided the south. Many Americans thought we should get involved, but america did and thousands of lives were lost.

Racial Equality- African Americans have been a part of the united states military forces since the days of the revolutionary war. The same goes for the Vietnam war, there war multiple units on the american forces that were made up of black solders. Also in other instances blacks were in units with white men, as seen in the amazing movie Forrest Gump. Bubba and Forrest created a strong bond of friendship even though they were different colors.


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