D. Lussier One Point Perspective Project

Photo Of Cityscape

My first cityscape I think was kind of sloppy my lines and colors could have used some work but other than that I think that it was great. For the first time though I think I did good. I had some extra time so I added the Mickey Mouse on one of the buildings.

Me Working on my One Point Perspective in my Art Packet
My second Cityscape

This was pretty successful but it could have been better but I think the lines could use some work but other than that it came out successful.

Me working on my Fantasy Building
My completed Fantasy Building

1. What did you know about Impressionist painters and Pointillism before this assignment?

I honestly did not know anything about art before I learned about Impressionist Painters and Pointillism.

2. What is one technique you learned during this assignment? What is it's function?

The vanishing point. The vanishing point is where it fades away depending on how any you have.

3. What is Pointillism? How did you create the Impressionist technique in your Fantasy Building project?

A technique where little tiny dots are used to make art. I used something similar to pointillism in my project.

4. What were the Impressionist painters accomplishing by using Pointillism?

They were making history by making new art. They showed us a whole new way of making art. They succeeded because we are using it today.

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night (June 1889)

6. Describe: Who is this painting by? What were they hoping to accomplish by creating this work? Visually describe what you see in this work (subject matter, etc.)

This painting is by Vincent van Gogh. He was hoping to show the view from his window of his asylum room at Saint Rémy de Provence, just before the sunrise in New York.

8. Analysis: Using the elements of art and principles of design, describe this work.

I see a bunch of swirly lines and a great combination of colors and the moon in the sky along with stars.

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