César's World A day in his life

In a small red-bricked house down the road César Ibañez was getting ready for his therapy at the local Hospital.
Technology is part of César's life, he is passionate about biology and considers himself a "science geek".
With Spider-man collectives all around his bedroom, César shared how this personage has impacted his life, and fed his fascination with Science and Research.
César suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy better known as SMA disorder, which weakens his muscles to a point that he is unable to do simple chores such as walking or getting dressed.
As César rides his big red van, friends drive him to the local Hospital to get his therapy.
"If it's too easy for me there's no satisfaction."
César's friends had volunteered for almost a year helping him get his therapy two times a week.
There, he is assisted by his friends for a change to a more adequate clothes to get in the Hospital's pool.
As César's clothes had been changed, he is taken to the pool and is carried to start his exercise.
"I've been able to do more, see more, experience more from the wheelchair, than anybody else walking around."
His friends, who are planning to get into Med School, help César exercising his arms to slow down the paralysis.
As César exercised in the pool, his friends played some Classic Rock songs for motivation.
"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." –Scott Hamilton
"If [someone] tell[s] me that I can't do something, I'll prove that person wrong."
Since 2013 César has developed a friendship with great people always willing to help whenever he needs it.
"Others may see the wheelchair as a trial but I see it as an opportunity and [as] a strength."
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