We Didn't Start the Fire Presentation by matthew morris

"North Korea, South Korea"--1950

The Korean war was fought between North and South Korea, North Korea wanted communism while South Korea wanted Democracy. Tensions are still high between the two to this day

Fun Fact-Guards from both sides stare at each other and guard the gate between North and South Korea

"England's Got A New Queen--1952

Queen Elizabeth II Becomes queen June 2, 1953. She isstill alive and queen today

Fun Fact-Queen Elizabeth’s Father Had a Stutter And There Is a Movie About Him Called, The Kings Speech


Polio was a big issue among children and Salk created a vaccine. We still use his methods today

Fun Fact-He Tested it on his family and himself


Theory of relativity. We still use his theories today

Fun Fact--He was Jewish

"Elvis Presley"-1955

"The King" of Rock and Roll---Who Doesn’t like Elvis

Fun Fact-- Elvis bought his first guitar when he was 11


Disneyland opens in 1955. Who doesn’t love Disneyland????

Fun Fact--Secret Bar in Disneyland hidden only for the rich

"Little Rock"-1957

Nine black students in Arkansas attend an all-white High school, Arkansas governor wouldn’t let them in. President Eisenhower sent National Guard to ensure their safety. This was the Beggining of desegregating schools

Fun Fact--one of the Little rock nine was named Jefferson Thomas

"JFK blown away"--1963

assassination of JFK 1963

Fun Fact-- Only president to win a purple heart

"Moon Shoot"-1969

Neil Armstrong walks on the moon-----NASA Still exists today

Fun Fact--Skepticism of it being faked are around today

"Cola Wars"--1970+

- Pepsi and coke battle it out for supremacy in the marketplace (coke is better)

Fun Fact-Coke used to be made with actual coke

"Heavy Metal, suicide"-1970+

heavy metal comes into play and suicide rates among young people come into play, lawsuits against heavy metal lyrics for causing young people to commit suicide

Fun Fact--Catholic priest heavy metal singer known as Brother Metal

"Wheel of fortune"-1975

- new gameshow that is still around today

Fun Fact--only two people have ever won $1,000,000 from the show


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