Cyberbullying so not okay.....the negative effects

Top image reference - New California Law gives public schools more power to punish off-campus cyber bullying 2014, Photograph, Foothill dragon Press, accessed 9 March 2017, <>.

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Reflection –

What did I do well?

I personally think I wrote my written persuasive text really nicely and it was enjoyable to compile. I am also really quite proud of my web-page format and design.

What would I do differently if I had to do the task again?

I wouldn’t really do or change much. I am happy and I have done my best and put my all into it and that’s what counts!! I would probably make very minor tweaks to my image with the layering but I am still really happy with it.

What did I need help with?

I did need some small guidance with changing issues as I went from global warming to cyber-bullying but other than that I did it independently. At times I did require feedback for my work from peers and teachers and I did take that into consideration.

The main thing about the art of persuasion that I have learnt from this task is:

To inform and to reliable and credible. It is effective to get people to do things that are in there best interest and ‘entice’ them with very subtle moves on the playing field. Showing people another’s perspective, toying with language to mix and match words like your own creations and practicing your communication skills are all the best bits to apply, learn and use in this task. I truly enjoyed creating this work for my assignment.

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