Who Am I? Daniella Garcia

Table of Contents:

  • Who did I think I was before entering this class?
  • CIS Results
  • Career that Interests me?
  • Education required
  • Schooling Options
  • Companies to work for

Who did I think I was before entering this class?

Strengths: Responsible, Dependable, and Determined

Weaknesses: Creativity, Shy around people

Plans: Attending College after highschool

Goals: Becoming an OB/GYN Nurse

Interest Profiler

  • Investigate, figuring out problems mentally
  • Social, assisting others and promote learning
  • Enterprising, leading people and making decisons
  • Conventional, working with precise standards
  • Realistic, working with hands-on problems


  • High Interests; Medical Investigation
  • Average Interest: Science, Social, Enterprising
  • Low Interests: Realistic, Artistic, Conventional

Workplace Importance Locator

  • Achievement: seeing results in accomplishments
  • Recognition: being recognized for hard work
  • Support: being treated fairly in a workplace
  • Relationships: working well with others
  • Working Conditions: steady employment and good pay

Career Cluster

  • Health Science: promoting health and wellness
  • Human Services: working with individuals and families
  • Hospitality and Tourism: managing operations
  • Finance: maintaining records of money
  • Education and Training: opportunity to guide people

What career interest me?

  • Midwife Nurse ( $104,740 Yearly salary)

What education is required?

  • High School Diploma
  • Bachelor's Degree (4+ years of schooling)
  • Graduate Medical School ($207,866 cost of a public medical school)
  • Complete Internship
  • Complete Licensing Exam ($300 for the exam)

What schooling options am I willing to consider?

  • CWI-2018
  • Human & Anatomy 2aa
  • Basic Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Nursing Specialities
  • Nursing & Health Assessment Clinical and Labs

What companies would I consider working for?

  • Hospitals
  • Doctor's Office's
  • Rehabilitation Homes
  • Assisted Living
  • Nursing Homes

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