stingrays by:mackenzie sada nieto

A stingray is an amphibian. A stingrey has many colors like blue brown and a lot more. Stingrays can be very wide like 3.5 feet long to 6.5 feet long. Stingrays can also be very heavy. They weigh anywhere from 300 pounds to 790 pounds. They have flaps so the stingray can balance.

Stingrays only eat meat.Sengreys diet is shrimp crab coral reef small fish and dead dolphin.Stingrays have to have small fish and crab.The stingrays food web coral reef and the alge get eaten by the clownfish.And the shrimp and the and the clown fish gets eaten by the stingray.And the stingray gets eaten by the sea lion.

The stingray can only be found in all the ocean in the world.stingrays love to live in the ocean floor they spent most of their live there and the hunt there to.

Stingrays have flaps connected to their bodies so it can balinese. Stingrays can camouflage at the bottom off the ocean.

The stingrays enemy is the shark and the sea lions.the stingray camouflages with the sand.The stingray is 6.5 feet long.


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