Enroll in English 103 FOr English 101, 131, and 198 students

Most students find that many of the writing assignments in their first-year composition courses are new to them. Do you feel fully prepared? Have you ever written a position paper for a public audience? Have you ever written an annotated bibliography? English 103 will help you!
Do you already feel you're a good writer and want to make sure you do the best you possibly can? English 103 will help you.
You'll get one-to-one help with your writing. We'll help you get started on your papers, will give you feedback on your drafts, and will help you stay on a steady schedule throughout the semester.
The requirements are easy to meet, and everything you do is related to your composition course assignments.
  • This course meets entirely online this semester. Students have reported being very satisfied with the ease of online attendance and the quality of online tutor meetings.
  • You'll choose your own online attendance time (1 hour per week) to suit your schedule.
  • Meet online with tutors at least 4 times during the semester.
  • Complete 2 short, informal, ungraded reflections on yourself as a writer.

Register via MyUTK. CRN for Spring 2021 is 20608.

If you need a pre-requisite override to register, email writingcenter@utk.edu

Go to the English 103 Canvas site (online.utk.edu) at the beginning of the semester to get started with the course.

If you have questions about English 103, email writingcenter@utk.edu.
We look forward to helping you succeed as a writer!


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