How America came to be in five parts

In 1492 Columbus discovered the Americas on the Santa Maria. He died believing that he made it to India. This contributes to the question because he was the one that discovered the new world.

In 1620 pilgrims went to America and started the Plymouth colony. That's also when the first thanksgiving happened. Which was the colony that made everybody want to go to the americas

In 1754 the French and Indian war started which also gave the colonists a reason to start a revolution, sense England taxed them because of the war.

In 1776 America declared independence from England which sort of started the final phase of us becoming a country.

In 1787 an event called the constitutional convention happened which made our government and rights. This made our country legit.

The constitutional convention

In 1492 Columbus discovered the Americas

Ancient photo of Columbus

In 1620 the Pilgrims started Plymouth.

Also ancient photo.

In 1754 the French and Indian War or the seven year war happened.

And another one.

In 1776 the declaration on independence was sighed by many people such as...

And another one

In 1787 the Constitutional Convention created the constitution.

And another one

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