texas revolution By Vincent Wittu and Nathan Casteel

Key people

  • SANTA ANNA- Santa anna was the prime leader in mexico and was the biggest treat to texas and also overthrew there constitution.
  • Stephen F.AUSTIN-was the founder of anglo american texas and brought settlers to him to texas now known as the old 300.
  • Colonel William Travis-a soldier for the texan army and died at the the battle of the alamo.
  • Sam Houston- was the hero of the new independent nation of texas.

Chain events of the Texas Revolution

  • mexican independence- the battle with guns the endend the ruling of spain.
  • . Battle of Gonzales-was the first battle marking the beginning of texas's independence.
  • battle of the alamo- was a abandon mission near san antonio that became important battle site in texas revolution.
  • battle of goliad-Texas settlers attacked the Mexican Army soldiers garrisoned at Presidio La Bahía, a fort near the Mexican Texas settlement of goliad
  • battle of ja vinto- Forced santa anna to sign a treaty giving texas its independence.

Result of the texan revolution

  • how did texas bring settlers and what did they bring with them?
  • 1. the mexican government hired agents to bring settlers to texas.
  • 2.they paid the agents land.
  • why was texas not annexed into the us what groups wanted the annexation?
  • 1.President andrew jackson refused because making them a slave state would mess up the slave to free states ratio.
  • 2.the congress and the texan people wanted to be annexed.


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