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This portfolio is a compilation of experiments which would help any student feel more comfortable with school, homework, studying, assignments and tests. Many of the exhibits are very important aspects which come into play regarding how well the student is doing in school. For me, I have been struggling with my self-talk, time management and organization skills, as well as my study habits. These eight exhibits have brought to light different ways of thinking and executing school related activities and responsibilities as a student. This assignment overall has taught me many things. From each of the focal points or "outcomes" in this portfolio I will talk about the pros and cons of the assignment and my reactions to each of the assignments and share my reflections. Starting with outcome one, the self talk portion of this assignment, I think it is a very important topic. It is not only a vital subject matter to the class, but personally I find it quite important to myself. I can say from experience that it can be very challenging to be productive and reach your personal goals if you yourself are not staying positive. It is very important to stay positive, not blame others, and take responsibility for your own attitude and the outcomes your attitude will produce. Positive attitude, positive results (most of the time) and vice-versa also applies in this case. I believe I could write all day about my thoughts on outcome two, but I will spare you the turmoil and just summarize. The time management assignments I did were very beneficial to me for a few reasons. First, I learned how much time I actually waste doing absolutely nothing productive. In my day to day life I have a lot of dead time where I find myself doing nothing important, meanwhile I could be focusing that time and effort into schoolwork or at least something productive. Second, I learned that I am an awful planner. I have never ever used a planner or a schedule for school. I used to just complete assignments when they were due (if I remembered them). I am still learning how to efficiently plan and schedule and am slowly warming up to the idea of writing everything down in one central location. Which I am finding quite helpful and convenient at times. Third is also planning related but a little different. I also never used to plan weeks or a month in advance. Nor did I ever plan out my study time. I would always just study a few days before the test and hope for the best, but that has not always worked. Now, I realize that if I keep up with studying along and along and do a little bit at a time I don't have to cram nearly as much on test day because I already know it. Which I thought was pretty cool! So, the time management part was definitely the most time consuming portion for me because I had to teach myself practices that I personally have never done before. Such as starting to study weeks in advance or use a planer. I had to teach myself how to do these things in order to complete the assignments and then write about my reflections and point of view on the assignment. It took many hours but by all means was very beneficial to me in my everyday life. In outcome three, we talked in class about all the different ways to study or recall information. My top three choices were note cards, self testing and group quizzing. I have always been a big fan of all three ways but personally I prefer to study alone the majority of the time. I say that because I am very easily distracted and do not get anything done studying with friends. So I primarily use the self testing method or note cards when I can to prepare for a test. I think this portion of the portfolio is relatively basic and common knowledge, but nonetheless important. I think I am a fairly good at studying when I need to be and I even tried a few different ways that were on the list such as making a Quizlet and reciting to myself my note cards as I went over them. I still say that note cards, self testing, and group quizzing are the most suitable for my purposes. Outcome four is probably one of my strongest areas I talk about in my portfolio, because I have been practicing this ever since I have been a student. After almost every test (unless I got an A) I go talk with the professor immediately after class or schedule an appointment to go see them in their office to discuss what I got wrong and why. In most of my classes at Clemson, the information I am learning builds on itself and the previous courses. So if I don't learn something now it will come back around and catch up to me later on. Therefore, I utilize office hours and pick through the tests with a fine tooth comb with my professor until I understand where I lost points. I think this is an extremely beneficial thing that I do for myself and it is definitely a great topic or "outcome" to be taught in class and to have an assignment about. I stand behind this subject and practice one-hundred percent. Outcome five of the portfolio assignment has the students conducting a professor interview. That is totally new to me and I had never done that before until this assignment. Yes, I go and introduce myself to all of my professors and engage in light generic conversation if they are willing, but I have never had to interview a professor. Personally, I find it a little bit over the top for an assignment. But I do also see where it could be beneficial to the students who never ever speak to professors. It would push them out of their comfort zone and just chat with a teacher. Which could be good. I really enjoyed the interview with my professor. I talk with this professor almost every weekday. He knows my name and I practically live in his office anyhow so my interview of him went very smooth and was not awkward or anything. I did learn a few things about him that I never knew too, because most of our conversations never deviate too far from the topic of schoolwork. For outcome six, the five most important things to me were Family, God's Will, Monogamy,Responsibility and Safety. The exercise we did in class was very helpful and thought provoking. I also realized that your core values reflect through your personality and also I found that I spend most of my time doing activities based around my core values. For instance, for my monogamy value, I have spent the last five years building a relationship with someone special to me. Which may not seem like a long time but that is what a lot of my time and effort has gone into. Also, Responsibility, it is kind of inevitable to avoid some responsibilities, but I take my responsibilities very seriously and try to perform each of them the best I can, which can also be quite time consuming. I try my best to spend as much time with my family as I can. In Clemson, I'm about four hours away from my family so our time spent together is few and far between, but when I do see them, I try and make the best of it. Also, I'll spend the whole weekend traveling home and back to Clemson just so I can hang out with mom and dad and catch up with them. So that too is an area of my life where I spend the most time. I see a strong correlation between the things important to me, and what I spend all of my time doing. That is one valuable thing I have learned from this project. To wrap up, I hope you enjoy reading about my trials and tribulations as a Clemson University student!


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