Maritza Correia A biography by: Sharuthy


Maritza Correia , ever heard of this women? For those who know Maritza Correia that's awesome! But for those who don't know her,today's your lucky day to travel with me Sharuthy inside my biography to find out who this women is.

Early Life

Born on December 23 1981, an inspiration to many in the world of competitive sports, Correia grew up in Florida with her parents and 2 older brothers. Maritza comes from an athletic family . Maritza's mother played tennis at University and her father participated in the crew team.A crew team is basically a rowing team.

Accomplishments,Goals, and Obstacles

Getting back on track Correia began a training course consisting of swimming 14,000 meters per day, six days a week. This meant she spent five hours in the water each day. In 2004 Correia made history as the first black women to earn a place on the U.S Olympic swim team. She helped secure the silver medal in the 400 meters freestyle relay at the Summer Olympic Games in Athens. At the suggestion of her doctor Correia started swimming when she was 7 years old, her doctor suggested her to start swimming because Correia had scoliosis.Scoliosis is a condition that causes the spine to curve to the side. Maritza's mother said "She likes to swim but doesn't like to get her face wet."


Maritza Correia married Chad McClendon, who wrote a book called Lipstick Trace. She has only one child, Sanya Anne . Maritza Correia is also still alive to this day and is still swimming in the Olympics. There may not be anything dedicated to Maritza Correia but she is a very healthy swimmer.

Lipstick Trace


In 2002 Maritza Correia also made history by being the first black women to break an American record. I chose to do Maritza Correia because not only do i want to be a swimmer when i grow up but I wanted to research a first black women swimmer, but instead I found Maritza Correia the first black women to break an American record,and is the first black women to earn a place on the U.S Olympic swim team. But no only that! Maritza Correia is a great inspiration to those who want to be a swimmer or athlete, but also told me I can be a great swimmer someday and nothing can stop me.

Amazing Facts

  • Correia swam at the University of Georgia where she was 27-time all-American and all time national champion
  • she won her Olympic medal alongside relay teammate Amanda Beard
Amanda Beard

What Resources Did you use for this Information


1. Who did I do this presentation on?

2. What date was my inspiration born?

3. Who in her family played tennis and who participated in the crew team

4. Who was Correia's alongside relay teammate?

5. What type of condition did Correia have and what does it mean?

6. Did you like this presentation :) ?



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