Sting it takes a crook to catch a crook

Sting is a great book about some robbers. Their names are Darius, Jules, March, and Hamish. March and Jules are brother and sister. Their dad was murdered right in front of Marches little eyes and he doesn't know how it happened. Jules was raised by a person that wasn't even her mom and on that abused her, Blue. Once the kids Jules figures out that her dad was murdered she wanted to know who and why. Then to make things worse they are criminals. They were going to steel one more diamond to get there uncle Hamish who is also a criminal need the money to get out of a few debts he has. once they got to the mansion with the diamonds March when to grab it and he could only grab a sapphire before they could go. he saw a person make off with the diamonds. now the alarm was going off and he had to get out. the sapphire got back to Hamish after a long journey and he saw something that he never thought he would see before. they were special and they were also cursed now they need to get the rest united so get rid of the curse before it is too late.

The cover of Sting
this is Jude Watson
Created By
moira antrim

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