Go Kart

This is what we started with and what we had for an idea of our goKart and i think we made some changes

Model From Laser

Our Model looked something like our sketches although we did make a little changes with the turning system.

The chain on the bike is what we will use for our Throttle or motor to spin the back wheels we will use Two chains for a two wheel drive in the back.

turning system

This is going to be similar to our turning system using the pvc pipe and then moving on to putting a string on the bottom to help it turn.

Onshape Model

This Onshape model is showing


This is our go kart getting ready to be cut out and put together.


This is the measurements for where we need to put our screws so that our wood is stable while the shopbot is going.


This is one of the front tires it is they're so small because we want the go kart to move fast kind of like how cars who hoods are low they are usually fast.


This is the front axel and it will be connected to a screw and bolt so it can stay in place and turn without rubbing on anything.

Created By
Eryk Davis

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