Semester 1 Portfolio Allan Lasat

To create the effect of disintegration, I needed to liquify the original image and layer a copy of the layer. Then I applied a layer mask to the liquified version and used a special brush to reveal parts of the liquified image.
I emphasized the color red to show exemplify how dramatic the scene is. Red creates a tone of anger and ferocity.
This image shows a contrast between the darkened foreground and the lightened background. This shows an accurate perspective of the scene.
I decided to make the image look realistic and included some fine detail. However, I wanted to make sure it still looked like a painting. Also, the starfish is given more detail than the background.
The image shows an obvious ominous tone and the stormy night adds a dramatic flare. The one light in the window is meant to be emphasized and it functions as a spotlight for the Grim reaper.
I decided to add the photoshopped crap in a scene where a baseball player was pitching it because this made the image funny. This almost adds a surreal aspect in the image.
This is not my best work, but i am proud of it. My muse is my homie Tanner and he once told me that he loved Emma Stone.
In this image, the bear is a little faded to show motion. The color of the sea monsters needed to be changed into a darkened shade of blue to match the background color and add the effect that they are underwater.
Using the pen tool for Popeye was difficult because the lines were were not always continuous and they would often change width. To paint the image, I mostly used the paint brush to get the spots that I could not autofill.

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