Reflective Journal Week 8 01/05/17-05/05/17

Thursday: Today we got feedback for our research and development. I need finish and add more detail to my proposal document I also need to add more notes to the mood board showing why it inspires our game. Tomorrow I will work on creating some level designs so Brandon can create a tile set based on those designs. Also we have been told to start creating the level designs which I will start tomorrow.

Friday: Today I have started creating level designs for our game our game will have five levels each based in different environments. In my level designs I need to improve the platforms or make the level longer as my first level design looks quite short. I can overcome this by drawing my levels at a smaller scale so I can fit more into the page. Also I could of drawn my level designs as tile-sets which would make it a lot easier to implement and would allow Brandon to work on other parts of the project like the characters and health bar instead of having to work on the tile sets himself. Next week I will work on creating a start menu for our game using Photoshop.

Level 1:Prologue

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