New deal

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC was created to help all people in America after bank failures in the United States. The main goal of the FDIC is to maintain confidence of the financial system. This group was a recovery group

The Tennessee Valley Authority was built for all business owners or just businesses. The company supplies electricity to businesses and power distributors.the TVA was a recovery program.

The next group is social security which applied to every citizen in the United States. Social security lets you get a job and obtain other security assets. The social security association is a reform group.

The civilian conservation corps was a program for the unemployed. The ccc helped give jobs to the Unemployed men of America. The program was a relief program.

The securities and exchange commission helps investors. The SEC protects investors and maintains the market this was a reform.

The federal project one help artists actors. The federal one was a relief program tho help the artists get jobs and funding.

The Wagner Connery act was set to help all workers. The act was a relief act mean to enforce laborer rights.

The agricultural adjustment act helped the farmers. The act was relief for it made farmers receive more money from stocks.

A.) helps the economy and the poor by finance ing them

B.)the government got more involved and made it harder for another depression to happen by putting support in more areas like finances

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