Words for Days Armature writing

"What if I told you I was scared you were Gonna break my heart? What if I told you I was scared you were gonna tear my world apart? Because every time that we get into a fight I can just see you dropping me by the end of the night. Cuz too many people keep telling me this wrong. And I pray each night that you won't start to believe them, and that your heart sings a different song. My heart keeps tellin me fight through the pain, win the game, make it to a whole new day. this can work if you put your best foot forward and suffer through a little hate, because for everyone who hates, there's envy in their mind holding them back from seeing color in the darkness."
"i think about how it ain't fair, that you were never there when i needed prayer, when other kids asked questions and stared, at the little girl who's daddy didn't even care, enough to show his face at every talent show and birthday she got to celebrate. you were never there to make me strong and cheer me on, never there when i was in the car and needed you to sing along, never there to make my life more fair, or hurt the boys who wanted to make me pull out my hair. you left a broken hearted girl for the pleasures of the world so some way, some how i really hope you're happy now. because in the end it's your loss in life because you can't come back to me and try to pretend, because our relationship was over the second you decided you didn't wanna bend."
"Did you Think that you were funny? Or did you just do it to look cool? What did anyone ever say, to make you act so cruel? Did you hate the life you were given so much that you had to make someone put a bullet through their head? But I guess you'd just rather just be cool, then be slightly weird instead. Did you ever think twice to even realize your words weren't nice? Knifes just leave a scar, but words tear you apart. They eat up your insides, steal all your intakes, and break down your inner light. So think before you speak, because next time you talk, could be the last thing that person hears, before they reach their peak, to the point of internal breaking, when they feel that a gun is the only thing worth taking"
"Captured effortlessly, had no idea what it was, happens so naturally, never thought I could love, the next thing I felt was you, pulling me close, what was I supposed to do, I just let myself go. Looking in your eyes, I saw everything I dreamed, but I was terrified that what I say might not be as Amazing as it seemed. But like everything else you proved me wrong, and you restored the pieces of my heart as we slowly went along. Because there ain't nobody, that makes me feel this way, and every day I gain more and more reasons, to love the boy who i was ever scared to love."


All photos taken personally

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