Berlin Summer 2019 / June 7 - July 12

About the Program

Berlin served as the capital of Hitler’s Nazi empire, became ground zero of the Cold War, and stands now as a bustling center for the exchange of ideas, arts, and cultures. A city that consciously preserves its tumultuous and often dark past while actively attempting to define a new, open present and future, Berlin is an ideal site to study histories of nationalism and fascism, ideological conflicts over democracy, capitalism, and communism, and debates over the promises and challenges of today’s multiculturalism. This program offers students the opportunity to participate in civic engagement and experiential learning while exploring global issues relating to diversity, migration, racism, and politics

Program Highlights

  • A full day excursion to Dresden and private tour of historic city center
  • A guided tour of the Reichstag, the German Parliament Building
  • A “Bridge River” boat cruise along the Spree River
  • A visit to the Sachsenhausen Memorial and guided tour of the former concentration camp
  • Visits to the Berlin Wall Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie
  • Guided tour of the Jewish Museum
  • Visit the Stasi Museum
  • Optional weekend excursion to Prague with tour of the historic city center and the Jewish Quarter

Questions? Contact Jaycee Cover at (657)278-2070 or jcover@fullerton.edu

Why I Studied Abroad

Studying abroad in Berlin has been the most enriching and life changing experience! I found myself emerged in a new culture and left with a new perspective on life - more educated about the world and myself. I made lifelong memories and lifelong friendships. I found tried and experienced things I would have never imagined. Trying new foods, traveling to different countries on weekends, visiting historical sites of the past, meeting people from all over the world and overall, discovering the different roads I want to follow in life.

- Amy Garzya, 2016

Instagram Photos by the Class of Summer 2016

Program Courses

HUM 350: German Life and Culture [GE – C.3 & Z]

Humanities 350T German Life and Culture will introduce students to key aspects of German culture, politics, and society. We will explore what it means to be “German,” and take as our premise that “Germanness” is a contested and constructed concept. We will examine the importance of local and regional cultures, architecture, religion, theater, music, and popular culture like food and soccer. The course will also analyze the ways in which Germans have defined “the other” throughout history along religious, ethnic, and racial lines.

HIST 320: Modern Germany from the Third Reich to Contemporary Multiculturalism (3 units) [GE – D.5]

This class will draw on the rich cultural and historical resources of the city of Berlin to explore 20th Century German History. We will begin with the Weimar Republic, the progressive period after the First World War when Berlin was the center of avant-garde culture, a city that pushed accepted boundaries in art, culture, sexuality, and politics. We will then examine the rise of fascism and Third Reich, exploring the consequences of extreme nationalism and racism that culminated in the Holocaust.

Program Fee & Financial Aid

Program Fee


Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available to qualifying students. Follow these links to learn more!

Program Advising & Information

Location: Student Success Center, room H-112

Exploration Events and Information Sessions

For more information please contact Jaycee Cover to schedule an appointment at jcover@fullerton.edu or stop by the Student Success Center in room H-112, 8am-5pm M-F.

Questions? Contact Jaycee Cover at (657) 278-2070 or jcover@fullerton.edu

Photo Credits: Schloss Charlottenburg by Thomas Wolf, CC BY-SA 3.0. Berlin Night by Thomas Quine, CC BY-SA 3.0. German Parade by Metropolico.org, CC BY-SA-2.0. Brandenburg Gate by Ricardo Gomez Angel, unsplash.

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