The Windjammer a social media strategy toolkit

The Windjammer and Upper Deck Pub


The Windjammer and Upper Deck Pub is an American-style restaurant located in South Burlington, Vermont. The Windjammer also has a conference center and an inn. The Windjammer prides itself on its local and fresh foods, especially steak and seafood.

Mission and Vision

"To provide guests with consistently high quality hospitality products and services beyond their expectations while operating our company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth"


"We are always looking for ways to target a broad audience as our customer base is really all inclusive--families, corporate, seniors, millennials, Gen X, etc."

Short & Long Term Goals

  • Short Term Goals: "increase our numbers as we are always trying to beat previous year's numbers. We also look to improve quality of our product and service.
  • Long Term Goals: "Continue to be relevant in the marketplace--continue to use local products as much as we can, grow our business, cut costs, create a positive culture for our employees and customers"
  • Social Media Goals: "more followers and more engagement from our followers"

Areas for Improvement

  • more engagement from followers
  • trying to figure out what appeals most to guests without over posting or sharing


  • Frequency of Tweets: at least one tweet a day (daily specials, events going on, community event involvement)
  • Follow at least two or three new accounts a day with a similar content (restaurants, local food)
  • Favorite at least 4 people's tweets a day with similar content or community interest
  • Retweet two or three of people's tweets with similar content or community interest
  • Respond to mentions from customers
  • Create a hashtag for your business (#WindjammerVT) and encourage users to use this hashtag when posting about your company
Image of current Twitter feed as of March 29, 2017


  • Frequency of posts: one post daily (daily special, interesting meal, community event, when you are hiring, etc.)
  • Respond to comments from customers
  • Like posts of similar users and community programs you are involved with
  • Comment on similar posts to boost engagement from other similar users
  • Create a hashtag for your business #WindjammerVT and encourage users to hashtag this on their posts when they visit your business
  • Hashtag #vermont #restaurant #WindjammerVT #food etc. depending on post. Limit three hashtag maximum for posts
Image of current Instagram feed as of March 29, 2017


  • Frequency of posts: at least one post a day, no more than three (job postings, photo albums, events you are involved in within the community)
  • Share photo albums from events in the community or at the Windjammer itself
  • Pin important posts at the top of the page
  • Respond to customer reviews
  • Post job opportunities to the page
  • Invite others to like the page
image of Facebook page as of March 29, 2017

General Suggestions

  • Interact with not only customers, but pages and accounts with similar missions and content
  • Create a unique hashtag for your business #WindjammerVT that your business, your followers, and your customers can use -- hashtags really help boost posts
  • Depending on the platform, post a certain amount of times a day, and vary the the times
  • Interact with comments and reviews from customers and other users
  • Interact with content that is similar to yours, they will return the favor
  • Share links to your other social media on other platforms (i.e. post a link to your Twitter account on your Facebook page) so people can access all your accounts. People have specific preferences on the platforms they use and prefer
  • When you post an Instagram, share it on Twitter and Facebook
  • More photos of food and content related to your business (i.e. not just community events, events happening in the Inn, etc.)
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