Southern Utah Woodturners July 2021 Newsletter

Dedicated to promoting woodturning in Southern Utah through educational demos, classes & fellowship between members. "Learning Through Turning"

Our Club Meetings are both in person and on Zoom the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9 am. In person is at Cedar City High School (703 W 600 S Cedar City, UT 84720) in the woodshop classroom (North Side of Building, use the back door by the large dust collector). The link to the Zoom meeting will be emailed to members prior to meeting. Visit our website at https://www.southernutahwoodturners.com. Email us at suwtclub@gmail.com

An American Association of Woodturners Chapter Since May 2010

Message From the President

I really enjoyed listening to Leon Olson I thought his explanation on off-center was very informative I will be trying his off-center turning using the method that he explained is invaluable. I will be trying this myself, and hope I see some other people are going to try and bring in their efforts next meeting, Let’s show Leon what a great instructor he is and make him proud.

A couple of us brought in the aspen wood that was given in June showing us the I want to see some more. I hope to see some more I think have four or five more pieces that need to be brought in. Next month you’re very own Jim Pope and myself will be giving a talk and demonstration about using epoxy.

Jim uses epoxy as a medium to display other items. Come either in person, or by using zoom, and find out the details. I will be showing how I use epoxy to fill voids, and make repairs while at the same time using items to create interest.

I plan on going to the wood working show in Las Vegas on July 21. Hope I see some of you down there, take care turn often and be safe.

We have elections for both the president and vice president coming up in November. It’s closer than you think. Please be talking and thinking about what you can contribute to the club. We have redesign duties that were previously all done by Will to I believe we have like nine different people sharing the workload now

Like many clubs we are currently experiencing a challenging time to get an additional people to run for elected office, this includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. For us to maintain our club membership in the AAW the officers must be members of the AAW.

We want to make sure that no one is hesitant about running for office because of the annual $60 expense in joining the AAW.

Bill Vincent - 206-979-3218

Officers & Contacts

Please send any submissions, corrections, or comments about the newsletter to Aaron Bryan at woodturnergeek@gmail.com

Special Notices

NEW! Please join the new SUWT Facebook Group! Here's the link to the Private Group on Facebook. You can use Facebook to share what you're working on, ask questions, encourage others, and learn about upcoming meetings and events. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1026604004489417/

We are making the application for membership to Southern Utah Woodturners available on our website as well as including with the newsletter mailing as a separate attachment. Please mail form, with dues check ($30) for 2021, to Glenn Pearson at the address on the application so he may update our records for the membership roster.


Locke Ettinger is offering wood from a retiring woodturner who is getting rid of lots of wood - aspen, cedar, etc with some already turned. You can contact him at 435-632-3116.

Wood gathering in Oregon

Planning meeting's this coming Tuesday, July 27th 11:30 am at Barry Grays...lunch will be served. Address is 715 fountain View Ln, Mesquite, NV 89027. 435 559-8304

NEW DATE: August 16th thru August 22nd. Contact Barry Gray at the Summer Picnic or call/text him at: 435 559 8304 to verify details.

The plan is to easy drive to Eugene, OR over two days to the Eugene saw mill. Then spend two marvelous days of cutting beautiful wood of various types including Black Walnut, Maple, Myrtle, etc. Then driving home over a two day period with a tremendous treasure trove of amazing woods unavailable locally.

For more information about this exciting and fun excursion including but not limited to lodging, meals, vehicle arrangements, etc and costs, contact Barry Gray at the Summer Picnic or call/text him at: 435 559 8304.

Clinic with Lloyd Johnson of WoodturnerPro

The Club is sponsoring 1-Day Clinic with Lloyd Johnson of WoodTurner Pro. Please see Lloyd’s curriculum for the day below.

There is only 1 open slot still available. If you are interested in attending, you first need TO CALL ME to confirm your slot and then send a $100 check made payable to “Southern Utah Woodturners” and mail it to my address below as soon as possible. Please do not mail me a check without calling & confirming. The event will be held at Don Smith’s home in Cedar City (4393 W. 1325 S., Cedar City) on Oct 16th and starting at 9:00 AM sharp.

Mail Checks to Jeff Blonder 3284 W. 2900 S. Hurricane, UT 84737

  • 1-Day Clinic
  • Location: Home of Don Smith in Cedar City - 4393 W. 1325 S., Cedar City, UT 84720
  • Date: Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 9 AM - it is ok to arrive early
  • Cost: $100 per attendee. Please make your checks payable to Southern Utah Woodturners Club for $100.00 and mail the checks to Jeff Blonder at 3284 W 2900 S Hurricane UT 84737.
  • Demonstration of open segmented bowl and lamination
  • If you have one, please bring your laptop
  • Notify Jeff Blonder if you plan on attending
  • Anyone who commits to the Oct 9th 1 day clinic can purchase Lloyd's complete software package at regular value of $139 for just $69.50 - 50% off! The complete software package includes Segment Pro, 3D Design Pro, Woodturner Pro, and Lamination Pro.

Monthly Presentation: Offset Turning

Presented by Leon Olson

This month Leon displayed and instructed multiple methods for offset turning.

One of the most important things to learn and to turn well made off center pieces is to understand centers and axes (plural of axis).

Off center pieces can be made turning between centers or using tenons and chucks.

Marking the pieces with pencil or marker is extremely helpful. Markings are made along the length of the wood as well as each end. Centers are punched and numbered so as to not lose place of where the centers are to be placed.

Care must be taken whenever turning off center. Ensure that your piece is secured and that you have have adequate clearance for your banjo and tool rest!

First time turning off center pieces can be a bit nerve-wracking as it seems that the piece is going to fly off the lathe! Just turn with light cuts with your spindle gouges. Most of the time it may seem like you are not cutting anything - or, as Barbara Dill refers to it as "airwood". Only sporadically will you be actually cutting the piece so a firm handle on your tool and securing your tool on the tool rest can you be sure you and the piece are safe.

Some pieces can be turned by gluing multiple pieces together and using a paper joint that can then be split to reveal pieces like inside out turning or a bowl hidden in a block of wood.

There are only two outcomes of offset turning: Arc or Circular. There are only two ways that the axis can be moved relative to the center axis - parallel or non-parallel (ie twisted) However, there are MANY variables that apply to each quadrant or family of spindles.

The best part of multi-axis turning is that it challenges your mind.

In this month's Tips and Tricks, Leon guides us through collet chucks.

Leon showing an offset turned piece

Examples of Offset Pieces

Master Offset Turners and their Pieces

Works by Barbara Dill
Works by Peter Exton
Works by David Springett
Works by Mark Sfirri

Websites, Tools & Products Discussed

Peter Exton Website: http://www.peterexton.com/peterexton.com/welcome.html

Barbara Dill Website: https://www.barbaradill.com/

David Springett Website: http://www.davidspringett.fws1.com/

Mark Sfirri Website: https://www.marksfirri.com/

Fantastic Demonstration by Barbara Dill on Multi-Axis Turning:

Show and Tell

Members of the club are encouraged to submit photos and a description of the species and design of their work. Please submit these to Aaron Bryan at woodturnergeek@gmail.com no later than the 20th of each month.

Bob Belkowski showing off an aspen piece
Grant Johnson showing off his segmented Jarrah, Maple and Walnut hollow form piece
Jack Gunn showing off a vase
Grant Johnson showing off his Ash and Zebrawood piece
Sean Lovell showing off his aspen dish


Tips and Tricks

Work Holding, Collet Chucks By Leon Olson

As a machinest, I learned that collets held material more securely with less material than chucks. The same is true for woodturning. Then again, you can only turn relatively small items because of the size of the collet chucks available. I use a ER32 collet chuck for turning finials and even to finish turn the offset Christmas trees. The trees are about 6 to 8 inches high but the blanks are at least 2 inches longer. I used aspen so there is not much weight being held out that far.

The ER32 collet will hold up to 0.787 inches which is 20 mm. Craft supply USA has Beall and Apprentice ER32 collet chucks. The Apprentice uses Tommie bars to tighten the lock nut. Unfortunately, the lock nut is not hardened stell and eventually the Tommie bars will elongate the hole and the bars will slip out so that you cannot tighten the nut safely. Beall uses a spanner wrench which is much more effective. There are ER32 collet chucks on Amazon with a #2 Morse taper that work well. However, you need a set of collets, a wrench and a drawbar. I was able to buy the chucks, collets, wrench and draw bar for about the same price as the Apprentice collet chuck. The club has the same collet chuck I do. You could buy a smaller set of collets than I did and get it for less. The drawbar is 10 mm threaded rod with a wood nut from Home Depot or ACE Hardware. Wood does compress in the ER32 collets and the collets only have a range of 0.015. So, the wood has to fit tight before you tighten the collet.

Beall sells an ER50 collet chuck that will hold up to 1 1/4" in diameter. You can get it at the Beall website. No one else sells a collet chuck as large for woodturning. The collets in the set include 7/8", 1", 1-1/8" and 1-1/4". The ER50 collets have a range of 0.040 inches or 1 mm.

You can make your own collet chuck with a PVC compression fitting. You need to do some modifications to the compression fitting and then you need to make our own wood collets. I also made an egg chuck with a PVC compression fitting. The club has egg chucks for both 1/8 and 1-1/4-8 spindles.

If anyone wants to make their own PVC collet chuck, I would be happy to help you.

If you have questions on this month's Tips & Tricks, email Leon Olson at leonolson@aol.com.

Why We Live in Southern Utah

Henderson Hill. Photo by Glenn Pearson

July 2021 Club Attendees - Both in Person and via Zoom

Will Arcularius, Steve Ashworth, Bob Belkowski, Jeff Blonder, Karl Bradshaw, Kim Christopherson, Ernie Daigle, Locke Ettinger, Les Gray, Barry Gray, Jack Gunn, Grant Johnson, Pete Kaup, Jerry Keller, Dave Layton, Sean Lovell, George Mason, Karl Mcmullin, Leon Olson, Glenn Pearson, Jim Pope, Ken Ragsdale, Jim Rockford, Brent Ross, Mark Shelton, John Spevak, Jack Twelves, Bill Vincent, Eric Walker, Chuck Zimmerman

Items for Sale by Members

Please submit items for sale to Aaron Bryan (woodturnergeek@gmail.com) before the 20th of the month to be included in the newsletter. If you have sold an item listed in the newsletter, please notify Aaron so he can remove it.

For Sale by Will Arcularius, 805-712-2174, arcwerks@scinternet.net

1) Makita Compound Sliding Miter Saw, 12", Model LS1214FL. Excellent Condition. Price: $345

2) Robert Sorby Thread Cutting System. Never Used. Have both the 16 TPI and 20 TPI cutters. See page 20 in Craft Supply Catalog. Sells for $129.95 - Will take $85.

For Sale by Bob Hansen, 928-347-5718, Nova Mercury Variable Speed Mini Lathe with bed extension, 1/2 HP, 8" swing over bed; 14" swing outboard. $300. For more info contact Bob directly.

For Sale by Jim Pope, 435-559-8277, jpsp42@gmail.com

1) SUWT club owned Ryobi biscuit joiner, small assortment of biscuits included. Price: $50 or make offer. Pic Below.

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