Roll of Thunder Portfolio Joseph Fitzgerald - P:6

Jim Crow Laws


Jim Crow Laws made African Americans and other non white people go to another restroom. This law made black people really upset. The white people were afraid of the black people, so they made rules that made white people more over power black people.

The Great Depresion

During the Great Depresion, people were losing jobs very quickly. In the Roll of Thunder, Cassie's dad had to go to different states to find jobs because the stock was going down and down. People kept on getting fired from their job continuously. Most of the people that were getting fired was not that they were doing bad job, but that their bosses couldn't afford to pay all of them. Since this was happening, the homeless rate went up a lot in America. More people died from starvation because the farmers couldn't afford to harvest their crops. The interest rate of getting paid start to drop, banks and other places started to close.

Abolishment of Slavery

When the northern United States of America beat the southern United States of America in the civil war, the slaves were set free and they could own land and their own things. Although black people were not treated as equal until later on, they were still treated well in the northern part of the country. In the southern part they still wanted to have slaves but they couldn't. So the white peoples would treat the black peoples really badly. They were aloud to kill their dog or something and get away with it. Abraham Lincoln said that they should be treated equal since he was on the northern side of the war.


Lynching is some sort of hanging. It means that you are going to get hung. Lynching also means killing someone without a trial. This almost happened to T.J. In the Roll of Thunder, it didn't but he died anyway. "But T.J would never again". This was said at the end of the book and T.J got killed



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