LADYBUGS by sheri Dattola


When one thinks of a ladybug, this is the image that comes to mind, but this insect of 5,000 varieties can vary in color and pattern.
Some of the 5,000 variations of ladybugs. Their bright colors are a warning to predators - "Don't eat me...I am poisonous!"

Ladybugs are a flying insect with two sets of wings - the outer hard shell wings are used to protect the softer flying wings underneath. The inner wings beat about 85 times per second, which can take them up to 15 miles per hour.

An adult ladybug is about the size of a Kindergartener's pinky fingernail.


Aphids, mites and scales are ladybug's main source of food. These pesky pests damage and destroy crops thus farmers will introduce a population of ladybugs to save the plants. It takes about 3,000 ladybugs to protect an acre of land (about the size of the 3-5 playground). Superhero to the rescue!!



Created with images by siamesepuppy - "Ladybugs" • Efraimstochter - "ladybug beetle children drawing" • ~suchitra~ - "lady bug" • judygva - "Mexican Bean Beetle - Epilachna varivestis, Elkhorn Garden Plots, Columbia, Maryland" • stephenshellard - "IMG_2674" • S. Rae - "Anatis rathvoni (*Rathvon's ladybug)" • gailhampshire - "Harmonia axyridis conspicua" • gailhampshire - "2-spot Ladybird. Adalia bipunctata. Coccinellidae" • quinet - "Ladybug 2" • xovesphoto - "(Explore)" • S. Rae - "Anatis ocellata (Eyed ladybird)" • Myriams-Fotos - "ladybug asian ladybug harmonia axyridis" • alexx-ego - "ladybug beetle red" • Mick E. Talbot - "Harmonia axyridis" • MicheleColetteFrazier - "Lucky Ladybug" • Brett_Hondow - "ladybug ladybird lady beetle" • Wow_Pho - "ladybug shine green" • katja - "ladybug insect nemrut" • S. Rae - "unid. aphid on Basil" • lakelou - "certified wildlife habitat"

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