The rescue of boots. By elisabeth vasquez

"Good morning", said Dora. "Good morning", said Diego. "Where is Boots?", asked Dora. "I don't know", said Diego, "I haven't seen him today." "Let's ask that green guy", said Dora. "Okay", said Diego.

"Excuse me", said Dora. "Are you talking to me?", asked the green guy. "Yes", said Dora "Have you seen our friend Boots?". The green guy said, "No but I'll keep a look out for him". Both Dora and Diego said, "Okay thanks".
The green guy asked the blue guy, "You'll never guess who i just ran into?". "Who?", asked the blue guy. "His friends", said the green guy. Boots yelled, "Let me out, let me out!". "NO!", yelled both the green and the blue guy. "Dora Diego I'm over here Dora Diego." yelled Boots. "Shut up!" snapped the blue guy.
"Boots!" exclaimed Dora and Diego. "Oh no they found us and him." said the green guy. "Hey you're the guy from earlier." said Diego. "Yeah so what I lied", said the green guy. "Why did you take Boots?" asked Dora. The blue guy said, "Why not?" Dora answered,"Because that's mean and rude". "So what." said the green guy.
Dora and Diego got closer and said, "Let him out or else". The green guy asked, "Or else what?" Diego said, "Or else we will get the big cat to eat you". "Oh no!" shrieked both the guys as they ran off. "Yeah that's right run away you scaredy", said all Dora.
"Guys can you let me out?" asked Boots. "Yeah", said Dora and Diego. They let Boots out and they were all happy to be together again.

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