Good Life Nature Activity at the florida museum of natural history by aly morrison

NATURE ON DISPLAY: This wall of butterfly shadow boxes was my favorite part of the whole exhibit. The entire wall of the entrance to the Butterfly Rainforest was covered in numerous shadow boxes, each with a unique display of butterflies, which shows how much variety there is in the butterfly species across the world. The overall design was repetitious, and there were repetitious patterns within some of the individual boxes, which was aesthetically pleasing. The bright colors caught my attention and my eyes naturally followed the display all the way until the end of the wall. Another reason I appreciated this exhibit was because some of the shadow boxes had a blown up picture of the butterfly, and I was able to see the details that each creature possessed. In the real world, it can be too difficult to get close enough to a butterfly to admire the art on its wings. After viewing this exhibit, I am able to confidently conclude that butterflies are a truly beautiful component of nature.
NATURE AND ETHICS: I appreciated that there was no entry fee at the FLMNH, and I think this follows Leopold's beliefs about focusing on the nature rather than the economic value. During my journey through the museum, I noticed that the other people were completely engrossed in the display that they were viewing. Couples and families, and myself included, were appreciative of the beautiful design of the museum and you could tell that time went into perfecting each display. The Butterfly Rainforest allowed humans to experience temporary assimilation into a simulated butterfly community, which results in an intense connection between man and nature. In the Butterfly Rainforest, the butterflies have a more natural environment to live in and more space to fly around, like they would in the wild. This exhibit seems more ethical than your typical 10 gallon glass tank that some other museums utilize for butterfly habitats.
NATURE AND THE HUMAN SPIRIT: In Heschel's work about the Sabbath, he talks about how your celebration and relaxation on the Sabbath day contrasts your ordinary, mundane life. In a similar way, this piece in the museum let me step out of my typical day and experience something more beautiful and majestic than normal. This display of a beach scenery is very relaxing and shows the beauty of nature. Through this display, I am able to appreciate nature to a greater extent because I rarely see beaches anymore, now that I live in Gainesville. This piece does a great job of showing the mystery of the ocean — as the horizon fades, you can see that the body of water goes on for miles and miles. The ocean holds such a mysterious underworld that we, as humans, are not a part of, and this mystery makes nature more interesting.

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