Leadership Without Easy Answers Part 1 (Summary) Kennedy Montgomery

The Value of Leadership

People often want to know if having the title "leader" truly serves a purpose.

It only holds value if the person in charge can uphold the standards and expectations placed upon them.

These expectations include, but not limited to, taking responsibility, getting others to believe in their vision, and solving issues head on.
There is a such thing as a natural born leader. It is the choice of that person to use their strengths to their advantage or to disregard any acknowledgment of the matter. Those who train themselves to become leaders often aren't what we envision as the face of change or prosperity in any organization where power is held. Natural born leaders are more ideal because they have the natural ability to solve problems in ways that will benefit others.
The Search for Commonality

In this video a cat is running at full speed to get away from a dog. This relates to leadership because when a challenge comes at you head strong it is important to know the precautions the person in power may take. Will they be courageous and stand up against their enemies or will they be cowardice and run away from the issue?

In our society, and those before us, we have always been given the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and develop better tactics to improve life. In doing so it is important to understand that survival is the product of success. The difference between biological change and social change is to question for this.

Society has always been shaped by those in power. Our laws, including benefits and restrictions, have all been delegated by a person or people in power.

In today's society we give people the honor of being in a high position but we do not always agree with the meaning or duties of they are intended to have. There are obstacles to leadership that come with authority.

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