Inject Creativity Live Wednesday, 4th November 2020 with guests Dom Traynor and Jason Lane

So glad to be back with the Inject Creativity Live events! It feels like forever (and no time at all)!

Joining us tonight....

Dom Traynor


Based in London, Dom is Adobe’s Education Evangelist for Europe.

Dom’s mission is to bring creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking into the classroom to prepare young people for a successful future. He believes that combining traditional teaching and learning with digital skills, we can improve academic progress at the same time as developing the future leaders that we need.


Using Spark Page for Digital Portfolios

You can create something really polished that looks so good and makes you look good.

Dom has been incredibly prolific with his video production, and Adobe has pulled a lot of his videos across onto the Adobe for Education Channel - his playlist on that channel is available here for 'Creative Project Ideas with Adobe Spark'.

Writing for Change Challenge

Each challenge addresses one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Student gain experience on how to create quick, short, guided writing exercises, which then lead to creating their own Adobe Spark Page of their work.

Source: Dom's presentation

Dom detailed that every challenge comes with a short (3 min) long video that describes to the children who participate why the main points are so important, and templates that they can use in digital or printed form to help students get started.

For more information, go to Wakelet's blog here.

Jason Lane

eLearning Pedagogy Leader at Villanova College in Brisbane.

Jason is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator and has linked the best of Adobe and Microsoft together.

Blending Microsoft and Adobe: OneNote and Adobe Spark

Jason demonstrated for us how to grab the embed link for both Spark Page and Spark Video links, and how to add them into a OneNote page so it plays without pulling you between platforms:

Source: Jason's presentation.

He showed that the potential applications are vast - one of his examples included a Spark Video and a Spark Post template to teach a lesson and present the requirements cleanly and collaboratively on a single review location.

Source: Jason's presentation

Jason then demonstrated how he turned a template in Spark into a fillable template in OneNote to enable students to easily complete a project. He simply 'Set picture as Background' to create a simple worksheet template:

Source: Jason's presentation

He also showed just how easy it is to share Spark content in Teams - the interface allows you to share down to the channel level in a Team.

Source: Jason's presentation

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