League Of Legends E-Sports

'League Of Legends' is a multiplayer online game with over 67 Million people playing. It's a 5 verses 5 team game - the aim is to destroy your enemies base (nexus). Each player selects one champion (character) from a large pool and plays their role which is either ADC, SUPPORT, JUNGLE, MID OR TOP lane. Each champion has their own unique abilities Q, W, E, R and uses those abilities to verse the enemy champion in your chosen lane.
League Of Legends lane map showing Nexus on either side, Jungle, Bottom lane (ADC and SUPPORT), MID lane and TOP lane.
Competitive League Of Legends teams come from all around the world to compete in live championships in front of huge live and online audiences to win prize money, sponsorship etc. The goal for each League Of Legends team is to make it to the "LoL World Championships" where the teams compete for a large cash pool and cup. Winning this championship usually means this team has the most skilled and competitive players. Usually most people who play League Of Legends have a competitive team they barrack for, mine being CLG (Counter Logic Gaming).
CLG TEAM MEMBERS LEFT TO RIGHT - Darshan IGN (in-game name): Darshan, Jake IGN: Xmithie, Trevor IGN: Stixxay, Zaqueri IGN: Aphromoo.

Darshan is CLG's very talented top laner, he has put CLG in advantages positions in many competitions, his favorite champion is Rumble. Xmithie is CLG'S jungler, he has had a steady League of Legends career since season 1 of the game. He was temporarily banned from LoL in 2013 for "elo boosting" someones account which is a serious offense. Stixxay has only just recently started his career with CLG. His role is their ADC and his favorite champion is Vayne. Aphromoo plays the support role, he was also banned for "elo boosting" but has a very steady career. His favourite champion is Blitzcrank.

I often get told that playing competitive games can make you lazy, sitting in front of the computer can be bad for your health and it's also addictive - and while I'll agree with that, there are so many perks and advantages to playing E-sports.

Playing E-sports can build up your confidence dramatically. Before I started playing League Of Legends I found it hard to stand up for myself, be assertive when I needed to be and take charge. It builds up your communications and team working skills, so if you find it hard to work and communicate with others I would recommenced online games to help you build on these necessary life skills. It's extremely social and a lot of fun so it's really easy to make new friends with people who have a similar interest to you and there are also a lot of high paying careers associated with E-sports, whether it is becoming a player yourself, being a coach or manager, being admin for server offices, you can gain work just for doing something you love and are passionate about.

Do you want to become involved in playing E-sports? As long as you have a kind personality then you can start. Over time you will need to develop essential criteria in order to succeed in the industry.

  • Discover your own style
  • Bring a positive attitude towards yourself and other players
  • Learn the game inside and out
  • Skill


EloBoosting: A high level player using a low level players account to bring them to a higher level.

E-sports: Any online competitive game. League Of Legends is classified as an E-sport.


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