Trench Warfare Survival Guide By: Katelyn Becker

(Soldiers Emerge)

Gas Mask


A gas mask will offer you protection against the poisonous gasses released on the battle field. Tear gas and chlorine have left many soldiers blind and dead. This dangerous way of fighting began during the battle of Ypres. If you don't want to the gasses next victim, bring a gas mask to the battlefield ("Episode 3").

Entrenching Tool

(World War I Entrenching)

To survive the shrapnel and bullets flying through the air, you will need to dig a trench. The most effective way to do this is with an entrenching tool. You will need to dig a trench that is at least six feet wide and seven feet deep to be protected (InspirED).


(WWI German)

The most feared aspect of WWI was shrapnel. Shrapnel is flying metal and materials resulting from exploded bombs. In order to protect your head, bring a helmet to the battle field ("Episode 3").

Rat Traps

(Antique Rat Trap)

Rats are one of the biggest problems in trench warfare. The rats are attracted to the food, and they grew to be the size of cats. They bit soldiers, spread diseases, and stole food. In order to survive, you need to have rat traps to protect yourself from these creatures (InspirEd).

Playing Cards

(Old Playing)

Life in the trenches is boring and causes many soldiers to go insane. Many committed suicide or succumbed to the curiosity of what would happen if they peaked their heads over the trench. To protect yourself from dying of boredom, bring playing cards. A game could distract you from the anxiety the war brings ("Episode 3").

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