The Alchemist Adam Grow

“Love is the falcon's flight over your sands.because for him,you are a green field,from which he always returns with game. He knows your rocks,your dunes,and your mountains,and you are generous to him” (144)

This quote shows an aspect of love where one provides for another ,making sacrifices to things it loves simply because it loves it. It shows how in life to love another being you have to provide for it and the other way around. Love is like a cycle between the lover and the loved by how love is passed between the two and shared, each making its own sacrifices and commitments because of how strong the love is. If the love and commitment was not even then it wouldn't work, the falcon would have no gain and the desert would have no love for its inhabitants. This could show in my relationship with my mother. She provides for me a kind of love no one else could give me while i do the same for her, if we didn't have the same kind of love for each other our bond would be rocky and unstable. If you want to love and be loved in return you both have to have the same idea of how you want your relationship to be and you have to want to be the same thing to each other .

“From where i am__ and i'm a long way from the earth__ I learned how to love.I know that if I came even a bit closer to the earth,everything there would die,and the soul of the world would no longer exist. So we contemplate each other,and we want each other,and i give it life and warmth,and it gives me my reason for living.” (149)

this quote is showing how the sun loves the earth by not letting itself be close to the earth because it knows the earth would die. This shows the sort of 'if you love it let it go' type of love and also the kind of love from the first quote, the providing for each other. The sun knows that if it came closer to the earth it would die, it shows how it would be selfish to get to close and it knows that to keep the soul of the world alive and to keep its reason for living it cant get close to it even if it wants to. In a real relationship this would be like loving someone but knowing you aren't healthy for them so you let them go. This applies in my life with one of my friends i used to have. We were very close to each other but we were both toxic for each other and only made situations worse or hurt each other. Even though we loved each other I had to let them go because I knew if I stayed close to them that we would both suffer.

“You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it's better to listen to what it has to say.that way,you'll never have to fear an unanticipated blow” (129

This quote is explaining how if you don't understand yourself or your heart then you can hurt yourself, with intrusive thoughts or insecurities. This could apply to my life how i should understand myself. Mental illness is unpredictable and often sends me blows i wasn't ready for, although i cant help that i'm mentally ill I could try to understand it. I often just try to forget my problems and ignore my feelings because i don't want to feel them when i could try to work with myself through them and try to improve myself and help support myself through rough times. If i did this i could just not listen to the bad parts of my head and listen to my real self.

“Because ,wherever your heart is,that is where you'll find your treasure.” (128)

This quote is talking about how if you want to find true treasure you have to look in your heart to find it. Even if you find your treasure you will never be happy unless you have fulfilled your heart. My mother for most of my life was sad, even though she had a child like how she had always wanted she didn't have anyone to raise it with. Her heart wasn't fulfilled until she found someone else to love.

“One is loved because one is reason is needed for loving”(122)

This quote talks about how you don't need a reason for loving something because its just how you feel emotionally towards something and that doesn't need to be explained extensively. This can relate just to anything in life I could love, like a person or an animal. I love my friends deeply and I don't need a huge reason for loving them.

“They were seeking the treasure of their personal legend,without wanting actually to live out the personal legend” (125)

This quote explains how while trying to find their personal legend they didn't want to go through the journey to find it. If you go on a journey to find something and take no meaning to the journey then the end goal means less. This could relate to my life because I think middle school was so bad for me because i didn't appreciate anything i was learning and i just wanted it to be over so now high school is hard for me and i don't really have any good memories from the three years.


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