Dr. Megan Thiele professor, educator, yogi, mother

What is one thing I know to be true? I know that I am made of the Earth and all the material possessions we have, computers, cell phones, textbooks, they are are all also made from the earth.

What is one thing I know that I want? I want people to understand how important Sociology is. I want people to become more educated about sociological concepts, data and research. I want people to respect sociologists and the informed opinions they hold on society. I want our society to do better: I want our society to become sustainable, just, inclusive and equitable. I want more than only one...thing.

What is one thing I know that I am good at? I am good at loving yoga and I used to be good at handstands. This is from 2018.


  • Environmental Sociology
  • Statistical Applications for the Social Sciences
  • Poverty, Wealth and Privilege
  • Educational Inequity
  • Social Issues


Summer 2020:

Most valuable to me, I am a mother.

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Megan Thiele


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