What I learn By Fernanda Sandovalin

I learn many things with this. This was an awesome project I really like it and it was fun because I work in group and I learn how to take care of a sticks because am not carefully. The sticks were so big and delicate but it was very cool Felicia was a good friend of work like for me it was a little bit hard because the language but I tried and Felicia and me did so well the glue was a little bit sticky the cuter was so much fun and it was my favorite part to cut the sticks also my favorite part was when I made the line in the stick so we can cut well. I like this project and I had so much fun. Felicia and me we made a good group. The project was very long time but I did it.

this is how the sticks looks like but the sticks what we use were more delicate.

The glue was very cool because it looks like slime under the fresh glue. The process is:

  1. We make desing in sketchup
  2. with our friend we choose the better
  3. then with draw that shape on the paper and then the paper we paste it on the cardboard
  4. we cover the paper and the cardboard with transparent paper so we can start using the cutter,glue,sticks
  5. before you take the sticks you have to mesure the shape on the paper so you can know how many sticks do you need
  6. then we can start measuring the sticks and cutting
  7. after that we have our stick cut and we have to paste that on the transparent paper.
  8. we can use pins to hold the stick so it can dry on the paper
  9. then you continue making that and it could be easy
  10. if you finish you have to take out the pins of the stick that are already dry
  11. And now you have to part of your shape that you made in sketchup
  12. then enjoy destroying but is a little bit scary but fun

That how you do this it is so much fun but it take time.

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