goals Wyatt Pellistri

Within a year I plan is to travel to Hawaii for a vacation with my family. Shortly after that I will travel to California to see my brother get married. Once we settle back home I will need to get a job and be employed. Finally I would like to get a dog and name him Geoffrey. I would like to accomplish all of this in one year.

In three years I would like to travel internationally. I will plan a trip to New Zealand. In the meantime I will research the things I want to see there. I would also like to play in a band with my friends. the lead. Now that my brother is married I would like to see him. I would become Uncle Wyatt. And finally I need a car. I figure that in 3 years, I will have saved up for one to purchase.

In five years I hope to be going to school at NAU. In the summer, I want to travel. I would like to backpack in Europe for two weeks. My sister, who will be 27 will most likely be getting married. The last goal I have to complete in 5 years would be to write a song and play it for an audience.

Looking ahead to 10 years, I will be a college graduate from NAU. Once graduated, I will travel around Asia. I will take some time to travel and then eventually settle down to live in San Diego, California. In the end I want to have a job that I enjoy and continue to learn new things.


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