The government and issues in The Village of Pulaski WI, By: Madi pHillips

Issues in the village:

1.) They want a new 2017 police squad vehicle.

2.) They wanted Halloween on October 30th from 3-6

3.) Class B liquor license approval for Mountain Bay Bar and Grill

4.) Special events permits submitted (wine tasting, coffee and gifts)

5.) Indoor entertainment license submitted (Ingalls Mountain bay Bar and Grill)

Pulaski town hall/ local municipality building:

Address: 585 E Glenbrook dr Pulakski WI

The issue: The board wants to move Trick-or-treating to October 30th from 3-6pm

How my local municipality is handling it: Theres a lot of agreements with this, they also think it will be safer for everyone out on the streets because it's not on the day of Halloween. So the other municipalities around us don't decide to do Halloween on that day so that there won't be as many people out to interfere with traffic and people's yards.

What they should do: They should do it the day before Halloween because there won't be so many people out on the streets, and most towns and villages choose to do it on Halloween day. I think people in Pulaski would benefit from this and be safer.

My opinion: I think that it is a good idea that they decided to do this the day before Halloween because there's so many kids out on the streets and there's always so many more possibilities of accidents the more kids there are. All in all I think this a good idea that they've had to benefit the majority of the village.

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