Your mindset on every call:

"I'm about to ask this business for 10K and a year long commitment. Will they trust me enough to give me that kind of money and time? AND... Am I separating myself from the 5 other sales reps at Yelp and the 30 other sales reps at other companies?"

I'm the guy doing his job. You must be the other guy!

Think about it. Do we really believe that every business in America has:

  1. No interest in growing their business?
  2. No money
  3. No knowledge of what Yelp is?
  4. No belief in advertising?

Gut check time. Business owners are giving us objections because they see no value in US. Not in Yelp.... In US!

Mistakes you're making right now that make you sound like a telemarketer as opposed to a consultant:

  1. Your opening statement is "How are you?"
  2. We're asking for too much too soon without giving anything back. We're not helping.
  3. We're not doing any research before our call. I.E. we're assuming that people just pick up the phone and give strangers money. Bottom line: If people knew how great we were, they would have purchased already, right?
  4. We're mistreating / neglecting / ignoring NDMs *5-1
  5. We're not taking AMAZING notes. Not just good notes, but AMAZING notes
  6. We're asking for an appointment without asking people's familiarity with their Yelp profile. Easiest question on an open call: "Have you had a chance to see your traffic on Yelp recently, or just how you're appearing to the local community?"
  7. Stop leading with the promo
The next call sounds like this: "Hi, this is Garett, with Yelp. I'll keep this brief. I spoke with a really nice person yesterday who told me that 8am would be the best time to catch you before you get really swamped. Do you have 30 seconds for me? It's about your listing."
Wait a minute? You're a supermarket? Ok, I need to help you.
Let's address this before we ask for advertising

Let's do this live!

Some key take-aways:

  1. Add language like "I'll keep this brief" and "There's a reason for my call" to your repertoire
  2. Take AMAZING notes
  3. Do about 1-2 minutes of research before a call and write down what you see so that you don't have to repeat your research
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