• In 1960's dirty water and pollution were some of the biggest problems in India
  • Gram Vikas was born with the target to have clean water for everyone
  • People help theirselves
  • Gram Vikas' results

In Rural India, the lack of toilets creates a big problem. It leads to poor quality water, one of the leading causes of disease in India, and has a disproportionately negative effect on women.

Joe Madiath is an Indian social entrepreneur. He introduces a program to help villagers by building clean, protected water and sanitation systems.

Joe is the founder and former executive director of Gram Vikas (an Indian non-governmental organisation). This association uses common concerns for water and sanitation to unite and empower rural communities, including adivasi communities.

The association started studying the conditions of poor people in 1979, and they discovered that 90% of diseases were caused by polluted water. In fact a lot of people drunk or washed themselves with this and than they catch serious infections.

This association started to build a lot of installations to purify water, and than this cleaned water arrived in poor villages. Then they built a lot of toilets, showers and water towers. Joe used the universally important needs of drinking water and sanitation to bring villagers together. In fact they collected local materials to realise this great project.

Joe Madiath has expanded his operation in last 37 years, and his work has achieved four different countries.

Gram Vikas' results are incredible:

  • 1200 villages with water and sanitation facilities
  • 400.000 individuals and 70.000 families impacted trough this program
  • 4 residential school created
  • 85% drop in water borne diseases



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