Exhibit 5: Dr. Warber Interview. DOm Pelucio

I took my time to interview my Professor Government as well as my adviser, Dr. Warber. I asked him 3 questions cause he only had a small amount of time to sit down and interview him:

1. What Professional advice would you give a male college freshman living in Johnstone? Answer: Paraphrasing what Dr Warber explained to me, he said that the biggest thing to getting a good grade in his class is to introduce yourself to him and ask a bunch of questions because that is what he is here for.

2. How many hours of studying should you put in per school week? Answer: Dr. Warber said that 30 hours is the minimum you should be studying per week.

3. What do you think college students lack today that they did 20 years ago? Answer: Dr. Warber explained that the biggest thing he feels is missing in today's college students is being able to make a connection with friends and teachers face to face, not on a smart phone or email. Dr. Warber worries that the more technologically advanced we get, we lose personal relationships and connections.


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