The Train Ride By: Cole JENKEN

We've arrived. I can't believe my eyes! It was a beautiful snowy winter day. Chairs were all lined up perfectly in the open field at Central Park in New York City. There were so many people from different parts of the world. Everybody looked so happy and grateful. The presidential election began. I had a seat and waited in patience for a while. Then it was finally my turn to make my dream come true. When I was up on the stage in front of the whole world, I began my election speech. Everything was going great until all of a sudden I looked at the seats in the back and I saw two men fighting, it looked like they had weapons. Then more people joined in and now it looked like world war 3 was beginning. Me and my mom had to get out of this place. We ran over to what looked like a skating rink. I love hockey, hockey is my whole life! Next, there was a boy coming towards us in all of his hockey equipment. The boy asked me if I wanted to play some hockey. I couldn't because I was in my presidential suit and I didn't have my hockey gear. The boy's name was Johnny, and he was very upset that I couldn't play. I was meaning to ask my mom why she brought a big bag and was carrying it around everywhere. She then pulled me aside and opened the bag. What a relief, it was all my hockey equipment! How could my mom possibly know there would be a skating rink here at Central park. I ended up having a excellent time playing hockey with Johnny! When all the fun was over we went back home on the subway. It was much happier the ride to Central park than the ride back. Most people on the train looked injured, upset, or had anger in there eyes. Mom and I couldn't wait to get home!


Created with images by Extra Zebra - "Train"

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