Big History Project- Volleyball Madison budde

My project is about volleyball

I chose this picture because the question is how does volleyball tie into society and I explained below but this go with it because it has the american flag in it so it shows like its a nation thing.

Volleyball is important to the global society, global society is when people of the world have a good deal in common with one another. Multiple people play volleyball everywhere on Earth and they have careers out of playing volleyball. Volleyball has created a social interact along maybe talking about the last game, who scored the most points, or who won. This could go with any sport too.

In this picture it shows a girl blocking the ball, this picture is here because above I talked about how people around society will talk about who scored the most points or hits or blocks.

Over time volleyball has changed so much and rules have changed. The court used to be smaller with more players now its bigger with less players. This is will play along with Goldilocks's conditions and how they got the game tog be just right for people to play. This increases because of how it has changed over time and maybe will keep changing to make the game more interesting.

In this picture you see a volleyball court and a volleyball sitting on the end line. The picture is here because over time the court size has changed and rules have changed for now.

If an anthropologist looked at the game volleyball, they would look at how it has changed people and the culture around the world. They would see how it has changed people. If their is a team of volleyball players they most likely will be close friends with people on the team because they play together and learn together. It's shows how it has changed them and people. Volleyball hitters are usually tall so they can hit easier over the next. You could say society has shaped them to think because they are tall to play volleyball or maybe basketball. Like if their is a big guy someone may ask them is they play football.

In this picture is show's two different hitters. I chose this picture because people have told people to go out for volleyball because they are tall.

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