Neptune By: Sydney kaitlin lee perrow

Hey. Did you know that Neptune is 30,775 miles.

Neptune's Great Blue Spot

The rotation of Neptune is 16 Earth hours while the revolution of Neptune is 164.8 Earth days.

The average distance from the sun to Neptune is 2,795,173,960 miles.

The origin of the planet's name is from the Roman god Neptune who is the god of the sea and earthquakes.

This is Neptune, the god of the sea and earthquakes.

The surface temperature of Neptune is -353 °F (-214 °C).

Hey did you know that Neptune has one large moon called Triton (In mythology Triton was the son of Neptune so the name was perfect) and a small moon named Nereid surrounding it (They named the moon after a sea maiden, Nereid).

Neptune has had a dark spot before (Like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot), but in the 1990’s the spot had disappeared!

Hey you know how that Neptune was first seen in 1846 by Johann Gottfried Galle. Wrong! The first sighting of Neptune was in 1613. Galileo Galilei had been studying Jupiter’s moons and he had saw Neptune, but unfortunately he had only thought that Neptune was just a star.

Hello. Did you know that Neptune has three layers. Going from the surface to the center the first one is Hydrogen and Helium. The second one is Water and Ammonia. The third one (The core) is Molten rock.

This is Neptune.

This has Neptune's Great Blue Spot in the middle.

This is two images of Neptune in one.

This image has Neptune's large moon (Triton).

I have nothing to say for this.

This is just a pretty picture of Neptune that I thought could tie together the slideshow. Also its pretty crafty ornament.


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