Father Ryan Browning Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Ryan Browning | St. Thomas More, Elgin, IL

Submitted by: Nicole Billapando

Fr. Browning offered Virtual Daily Mass from the get go, homilies were very relevant, inspirational and addressed what we were all feeling. Every Friday he did a school Mass and answered questions that kids emailed in.

He stayed connected through Facebook and YouTube. He took time to read and liked or responded to every one's comments and brought it to his daily prayers. He did a special Covid prayer after every Mass. Fr. Browning prayed the rosary and novenas and did virtual adoration with us. He led scripture study every Wednesday night, led a Wild Goose study and discussion through Formed, and facilitated a Discernment of Spirits study. Fr. Browning encouraged parishioners to prepare for Marian Consecration by studying 33 Days to Morning Glory. He offered weekly video updates of the parish. He encouraged the strengthening of our prayer life and educated us on the importance of prayer by starting a Prayer Warriors group. All of these ministries were easily accessed through St Thomas More's website, facebook and youtube accounts.

He got my parents and me to "attend" Mass daily and to deepen our faith learning and the importance and power of prayer.

Fr. Browning should be recognized as a Hero Priest because he went above and beyond to stay connected to his parishioners and non parishioners by encouraging us to invite others to Mass and spiritual growth.

He really just made you feel important and heard. And in a time of isolation, he shepherded his flock, making us feel connected as a community.