SPRING HOODING 2018 I've Found My Fit For Life

The Augusta University Graduate School

May 11, 2018

The hooding ceremony is a traditional academic event honoring graduates. It is a special recognition ceremony in which a faculty advisor places the hood over the head of the graduate, signifying his or her success in completing the graduate program. And the key word is here is SUCCESS!

Early Morning Preparations

Family, Friends, and Classmates were in attendance to celebrate the occasion.

Time With Faculty and Friends Moments Before The Ceremony

"I hope to assist a university as a general medical illustrator and develop a larger presence of medical illustrators on the west coast. If I am lucky enough, I also hope to teach and give what others have given me, which is support and knowledge." - Christina Pecora Spring 2018 Graduate ( MS in Medical Illustration )

The Ceremony Begins


Dr Wayne Lord, Associate Dean in the College of Education, graces the proceedings with beautiful music.

The Graduate School honored over 135 students who completed the requirements for their degree this Spring 2018 in more than 25 Doctoral, Master’s, and Specialist programs.

A special congratulations to the first graduates of our new Doctor of Education in Educational Innovation and the Master of Science in Information Security Management degree programs.

"I am proud to have been a part of this amazing journey that is blazing the path for future Cyber Security professionals like myself."

- Harry Zane, Spring 2018 Graduate (Master of Science with a Major in Information Security Management )

Words Of Inspiration

"By working towards and receiving your graduate degrees, you have all shown the desire to be life-long learners, and in that way we hope The Graduate School at Augusta University has been, and always will be, a fit for your life."

- Mitchell Watsky, PhD Dean of The Graduate School

"The Origin of the word “understand”. “Under” means beneath. Stand means first firmly planted with the body in the upright position. What are you standing on? What is beneath your feet? Stand on the things that are good, right, and excellent."

- Lester Pretlow, PhD Dean of The College of Allied Health Sciences

The Presentation of Hoods

The culmination of years of hard work.

The Graduate Oath

John Croy, Spring 2018 Graduate ( MBA ) leads his fellow classmates in The Graduate School Oath

"As I embark on my career, now an alumnus of The Graduate School at Augusta University, I pledge that I will represent my discipline honorably by conducting myself and my professional endeavors in a manner that is always above reproach."

- The Graduate School Oath

Proud Family, Friends, and Mentors Celebrate the Success of our Students at this Joyous Occasion.


We wish you continued success as Augusta University TGS Alumni

"It’s been nice ! My interaction and experience with faculty has been fantastic. They mentored me throughout the process. I think I’m well suited to go into the future." - Robert Sarfo, 2018 Spring Graduate ( DNP )
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