Clay Woodward, Josh Hartle, Kaleb Shannon, Rand Stinson, Ben Novak

AutoZone's Current State


  • Currently holds largest market share within the industry at 16.6%
  • Operations in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Brazil
  • Total company revenue amounted to $10.6 billion including 84,000 employees and 59% of them being full time


  • Increasing Debt
  • Legal Proceedings due to water contaminations and safety violations
  • Total company revenue amounted to $10.6 billion including 84,000 employees and 59% of them being full time


  • Positive increase in revenue over the past seven years
  • Expanding global vehicle fleet and the rapid rise in the average age of vehicles on road
  • Growth of Web-based store and online sales


  • Intense Competition
  • Legal Proceedings and Issues likely to affect Reputation and Cash Structure
  • Macroeconomic and geo-political conditions could adversely affect the sales growth, margins and overhead

NPV and IRR Analysis

Npv and IRR were not easily attainable with a training strategy. Due to lack of a major initial investment IRR and NPV were substantial above normal due to quick and efficient returns.


EBIT and EPS increased year after year at a greater rate with the new strategy in place.


  • Create and update policies which create, encourage, and support a diverse organization culture and work environment. Training will not only review and explain policies, but also provide solutions and support to have a diverse work environment.

Strategy Benefits

  • Mitigates the risk of lawsuits
  • Increases Cash Flow by 2.3 times per employee over a 3 Year period (Bersin, 2015)
  • Employees are 1.8 times more likely to be change-ready (Bersin, 2015)

Alternative Strategies

  • Annual organizational background checks:
  • Implementing automotive workshops at AutoZone locations:


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