Apollo By Connor C.

Weapons Used

Apollo mainly used a golden bow. He also had a golden sword.

This is Apollo's bow
Apollos golden sword

Apollo's Powers

Apollo was the god of light, prophecy, music, poetry, medicine and archery 🏹

This is one of his symbols


Apollo's parents were Zeus(the god of lightning)and Leto(a daughter of the titans Coeus and Phoebe) and a sister named Artemis

This is a statue of ⚡️Zeus⚡️
This is Artemis


Apollo had a lot of nicknames. Some of them are Pythian Apollo, Phoebus, Apollo Apotropaeus, Sol, and Phobus.

Apollo's home

Apollo was born on the island Delos.

This is the island of Delos

Fun Facts

-Apollo killed the python at Delphi, allowing him to establish the famous Oracle. -he was proud and artistic. -he was associated with woods and forests, and the raven was his special bird. -he had healing powers

THE END!!!!!

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