An Overview of the Homecoming Spirit Days During homecoming Week, the sequoits dressed up in festive themes for the day. // by REAGAN BREWER

Tuesday: 90's Theme

Freshman Kathleen Quirke, Faith LaCerba and Sophomore Isabella DeMartini both participated by dressing up in the 90's theme. Quirke dressed up by wearing a Nirvana tee and a flannel. DeMartini and Faith both dressed up in striped tops and jeans. "I thought [the themes] were fun and seeing other people was funny and cool," Quirke said.

Wednesday: Meme & Vine

Sophomores Jessa VanGorp and Chloe Krumrai dressed up in their favorite memes and vines, such as Dwayne the Rock Johnson and fresh avocado. "I enjoyed meme/vine day [the most] because it was funny to see what each person chose to dress up as or act out," Krumrai said.

Thursday: Luau

On October 11th, 2018, sophomore Kylee Craig dressed up with the luau theme by wearing a floral shirt and a blue and white lei. "I really enjoyed beach day, it was really fun to dress up for," Craig said.

Friday: Toga & Spirit

Lastly, seniors Becca Bargamian and Graci Leineberg dressed up in their togas. Bargamian dressed up in a blue silk toga with a gold belt. Leineberg dressed up in a dark grey toga and styled it with a silver embroidered belt.


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