ING Employee Ambassador Program Sandra Sarbu

Purpose of the Employee Ambassador Program

  • Attract more exceptional talent to work for ING;
  • Raise Employer Brand awareness;
  • Raise employee engagement


  • ING employees;


  • Align the external Brand image with the internal one. Use the same tone when communicating about values, ING culture;
  • Collaborate with all the involved teams in order to achieve the purpose of the Employee Ambassador Program (e.g. the leader will set the strategy, the stakeholders will approve of the direction, the marketing teams will do the visuals, the employees will be the ones spreading the messages).

Channels and how to use them

  • Social media;
  • Offline


  • Measure the number of applicants on job postings;
  • Measure the number of CVs received from employees;
  • Measure employees’ engagement.

ING is looking to raise its brand awareness and by doing so, making it easier to find and hire exceptional talent. Employee happiness is important to achieving these goals.

1. “Employees are the biggest marketing asset that a brand can have”

How engaged are our employees? How motivated are they? What makes them tick, what grinds their gears, what makes them go the extra mile?

Step 1. Find out all about your employees

Talk to them. Ask them. Test out their engagement.

Send out regular surveys throughout the company and ask for their honest opinions in order to measure their engagement level. Find out what the company looks like through their eyes. Encourage them to speak up about the good, the bad, the ugly. Make sure the communication channels are open both ways.

“Employees are the Brand inside the Brand”

Step 2. How do we get our people to speak up?

  • Regular surveys.

People feel more open to send feedback when they can answer neutral questions, when they can trust the fact that their answers won’t be held against them. The regular surveys have the sole purpose to find out more about the people and what it feels like for them to work for ING. It’s the first step to improvement.

  • Get-togethers for coffee and snacks.

Organize focus-groups with members of different teams. This is also a good way to get them talking about their needs at their day-to-day jobs. Find out what motivates them, what makes and keeps them happy.

Step 3. Pick out the most engaged, help them grow

  • Create the “base-group”

Of our most engaged people and get them involved. As their engagement level is already high, it’s most likely that they’ll want to become ING ambassadors. And be great at it, too.

Step 4. Here is where Social Media comes in

  • Educate our own

Show your people how to become the best ambassadors. Give them the guidelines on how to use the brand’s name and logos, give them the content to share on their professional and personal networks and, most importantly, encourage them to share only the content that resonates mostly with them, because speaking authentically for the brand is what validates it.


  • Put a hashtag on it!

Award our most active employees on social media. The incentives should not only be cash bonuses, but could be prizes and recognition for their great job. Let them help promote the good life at ING and the career opportunities. Spread it like wildfire.

#INGpeople / #INGjobs – depending on the final package for the EAP.

  • Get their friends in on it, too

Encourage our employees to send their friends’ CVs to our recruiters. Award them with bonuses for each new hired person that they’ve referred.

Step 5. How do we go offline?

  • Participate in in dedicated job-fairs.

This is a great opportunity to show how great of an employer ING is. By going directly to the source, we can find and attract the right talent for us. Here is where we talk to the people, let them know that we’re looking for them and promote our open jobs. Collect CVs and contacts.

  • Meet-up with the people who work with the same technologies.

More and more people in the tech are organizing meet-ups and this is a wonderful opportunity to attract talent to our side: Do you work with Java? Go meet with your peers. Do you have a career in UX? Then join all the meetings. And don’t forget to let them know how much you enjoy working for ING.

  • Recruit the best speakers!

Live sessions (meetings or video sessions) for the new-comers. Tell them about ING’s core values, culture, vision and benefits. Tell them why it’s so great to work for ING. Invite guest speakers in high positions to chime in and create a friendly, communicative and transparent image of the brand.

2. Raise their engagement!

  • Send monthly newsletters focusing on our People.

Write articles in which we recognize their talents and efforts, let them show off the projects they’ve been working on. Bring to the front that first of all they are authentic individuals, that they matter and that ING is lucky to have them.

  • Events for employee happiness

- Encourage our employees to choose causes they believe in and make their own projects to raise funds/awareness for them. Help them achieve their goals (e.g. bake-offs for their peers, board-game nights for which they can invite friends over, treasure hunts within company premises);

- Budget/team for quarterly team-building of choice;

- Informal All-Hands meetings with guest-speakers.

  • Offer extra “perks”, such as 50% off for monthly public transportation tickets.
  • Promote a wholesome work-life balance for our employees and help them take care of their own health.

Create an annual budget / employee, which they can spend on gym memberships, on the sports’ equipment of their choice or on classes or courses.

3. Metrics

How well did we do?

  • We can measure that by seeing how the numbers of applicants have grown since we started the Employee Ambassador Program;
  • Check number of CVs referred by our people;
  • Survey the people. Are they happier? Do they feel that ING has met their needs and wants? Do they feel more motivated?
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