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Films, games, apps etc. Those are examples of multimedia. People make clay films about something or turn one thing into many more. It mainly consists of making something creative on technology. My collage shows multimedia. It shows what you can do on your iPhone on the computer or on a TV. Which is technology, technology is multimedia.

Image 1: This artwork is by Martin de Plasquale. It defines how every man or woman has a little kid inside them. Although adults are supposed to be mature they all have a little fun and mischief hiding inside them.

Image 2: This artwork is also created by Martin de Plasqaule. He is made out of glass and drinking a glass of himself. To create a human.

Image 3: This artwork is designed by Vladimir Kush. It shows that we don't treat our trees with consideration by just cutting them down for their own personal uses.

Image 1: In this image I created the head which is supposed to be a lion as I described it by saying it's orange and it roars. The body was created by Anita. It is Robin Hood. The legs are designed by Sam, i'm not sure what it is, but he described it saying it has work pants on and hairy feet.

Image 2: In this image I created the tail at the bottom. I explained it as scaly as its a mermaid tail. The head was Zoe's, which is an elephant and the body is by Brooke which is supposed to be Mike Kzousiki.

Image 3: In this image I created the body, trying to make it look like Mickey Mouse. Liv did the head which is an avocado and the legs were by Jas. I think they are just supposed to be legs with big flippers on them.

Image 1: This has a monkey head, pizza body and chicken legs. I found it difficult at the beginning but when I got the hang of it it was fun to create.

Image 2: This image has a marshmallow head, jellyfish legs and yeezy shoes. When I created it I had some trouble with the tentacles as the colour wasn't showing. It also took a while to do the shoes as there are a lot of them.

Image 3: This one is my favourite. It is a banana peel body, chicken legs, monkey ears and kawaii eyes. This image was easy to make as I already had the ears from my first image and I knew a lot more about photo shop.

Photo shop: I enjoy photoshop because I can create anything I am imagining. For example the images above. Photoshop gave me an opportunity to do something creative and learn more about technology. What I found difficult was transferring an image onto another image. The tool I enjoyed was the quick selection tool. I liked this one the best because instead of using a rubber you can select an area and get rid of the whole area quicker.

Australian Native Animal: This serial image I created has a dingo head, crocodile body, kookaburra wings and a platypus tail.


Created with images by larsen9236 - "staniel cay swimming pig seagull"

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